Update :)

I haven’t been on here for quite a while. I must apologize as life has been crazy busy. I just wanted to share a few new things since I last posted.

– I got a job as an intern at a Pilates studio near my home.

– I started a new business with a friend of mine and things are going well so far. We launch our website and announce to our family and friends.

-I finally quite my last nanny job, and it feels great!

-We adopted a little dog named Emma and she is adorable. Even our 16 year old lab mix likes her

-I am performing in the Nutcracker with my daughter 🙂 I am a party guest, so hardly any dancing but, loads of acting. I suck at it.

So, that is what has been going on these days. Just trying to do things one day at a time and not beat myself up.

Wishing you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

A leap of faith

So, I have decided to start my own Pilates business. My friend from school handed me her business card lady week and I was inspired to look at beginning a independent instructor.
I am trying to stop being so afraid and take the leap of faith that I can do this. So, I am researching a could business license and get my logo designed.
I have been playing with a couple of names but they are so hard to choose from. Plus, I keep adding more names to my list. I do have the slogan ask ready to go. I even going someone on etsy for a logo design. I am a stressing on making a final decision. Ugh! Ok!
Please wish me luck!

Saturday afternoon

Today, I had a lot going on – taught a class, took a dance class, walk the dog, and clean my house before company. Just for a down time I decided to search for new ballet music for summer classes. This moment will take my mind off of certain things. Happy Saturday!

This is me

Im usually shy about taking pics of myself, but thought one wouldn’t hurt right? This is me when we had donuts and coffee this morning. We have been on Spring break this past week and it has been lovely and tiring.
Any way, this is a small glimpse of me. Sorry, I was covering myself with a huge cup of coffee.

Moments like this

My better half is coming home tonight after a few days of travel. We are super happy to have him here for a fee days till his next trip. Any ways, our daughter decided to leave him a note for when he arrives. It is moments like this that make my heart skip a beat because they are little just once and life moves too fast.
I am enjoying this moment….being a stay at home momma and wife.

Chasing our Monday blues away

When the hubby is out of town we get pretty sad. So to chase our blues away we took a walk in the sun, and baked some chocolate cookies. This is what I love and cherish about being a stay at home mom. These simple moments and memories are the best for my kids because it is better than anything they can buy:)

7 stages of grief

The other day I learned that a friend and fellow dancer lost her battle to cancer. I cried and cried. Memories flashed in my head of our dancing days.
Then, through Facebook, old dance friends united to dedicate something to her and share pictures. It was a lovely thing to do for her. Next week we will take pictures of ourselves in the first arabesque position in honor of her.
My friend had the most lovely feet, sweet personality and graceful dancer. I will miss her. I will pray for her momma because no parent should bury her child.
I tear as I type because my heart is broken…i was in denial and now I am in the anger stage. Cancer you suck ass!

Side barre to my side barre

Since the last post things have been busy with motherhood, pilates, teaching, and babysitting. Oh yeah! And landing a new job ;).
I will be a sub teacher in a preschool and their enrichment dance teacher. Im excited! I did not expect to go back into childcare, but at least I can incorporate dance to it. I am hoping to get into a workshop to help with the creative movement classes. But alas, it takes money. Also, I’m taking the intensive reformer class this summer. I took a work-study job at the pilates studio to help pay for it. Then, I take babysitting jobs to help out when I can to pay for small bills, gas or even the pilates training. Im struggling to make sense of how can I continue with my goal to be a pilates/ dance teacher when it involves money? Im struggling a little bit because I might have to pull out from these training workshops.
With this hard decision I had to find a quote to get me inspired. So, here is one I found and thought it applied to all goals and dreams no matter how old or young. What quote are you loving right now? My side barre of side barre to another side barre, but I feel all of them are intertwined to the same goal…to find my passion in life in something.

Trekking on

So, I decided to take the reformer workshop this summer. I cant believe I am doing it! I am taking another leap and hoping I am able to land with both feet on the ground. It is a lot of information and hours, but I am excited to do this. Wish me luck! I have 18 hours left for my physical mat review. I can do it.